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“This course has been so helpful to me. There is far less drama in my life. I am not having nearly as many emotional reactions to situations that I once did” - Carrie (47)

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I am Jackie Potter of JPotter Health. I am Wellness Certified and Healer Certified life coach specializing in stress, anxiety, and panic. As an individual who has been personally challenged with life-long anxiety, I am committed to using my story, my research, and my wellness education to help others navigate and find ease from their anxiety with compassion and empathy.


My Story

After the birth of my two children – now young adults – the anxiety that I had always experienced, escalated significantly. As my family grew, there was an underlying struggle. I was diagnosed with panic disorder, after an anxiety attack landed me in the hospital. At that moment, I was certain that I was having a heart attack… not an anxiety attack. It was very real. Perhaps many of you can relate, that is why you are here. The unfortunate reality is my story is not new or unique.

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Driven to Help

Given the pressures of life today, many are affected by crippling anxiety in a wide variety of forms.

I have put my heart and my education into developing comprehensive programs to provide personal assistance to those challenged with stress and anxiety. My unique and dedicated approach is aimed to effectively provide those experiencing stress and anxiety with the tools they need to enjoy life to the fullest.

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I have successfully helped people move past anxiety. I can help you too!

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Healer Certified and Beyond

With thirteen wellness, holistic and nutritional based certifications, I bring a wealth of knowledge and support to those in need. My most recent certification is from Cornell University, from May of 2022 in Wellness Counseling. While this list is not exhaustive, for those suffering from anxiety, I bring titles including Natural Wellness Practitioner from American Association of Natural Practitioners and Certified Holistic Nutrition Coach from Spencer Institute.

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I am confident that if you have found me here, you are ready to put in the work. Now, let’s have a chat.
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“Wow. What a learning experience for me. I really am enjoying the course. It is helping me see the areas where I can make a few changes. – Martha

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Can you answer yes to any of the below?

  • I avoid social situations
  • I have a difficulty enjoying myself in social settings
  • I am uncomfortable moving outside of what I consider my comfort zone
  • I have difficulty making decisions
  • I have suffered an increase in symptoms of stress and anxiety in the past 6 months

If you answered yes to any of these, I can help you feel better as I have done for so many others. Let’s take this relationship a step further.

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Connect with me today for more details about how my thoughtful educated programs can help you be the person you desire to be and enjoy life without anxiety.

I am confident that if you are here, you are ready to work to feel better and start living a better life. Allow me to show you how.

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    “Working with Jackie has been life changing, I know I can handle all that comes my way.”

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    “Jackie taught me how to slow it all down and live in the now, not in the fear of what could be”

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