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You are Enough, You Deserve the Life You Desire


 Hi, Jackie Potter here. I have been through anxiety, both personally and with someone I love. I know first hand the emotional and physical toll living with anxiety can take. I also know what it feels like to love someone going through anxiety and feeling powerless to help. This is why I am here today. I have a proven method to help you and your loved one feel better. 

I have a science background, having worked in an array of labs - ranging from research (biological) to QC in manufacturing to Product Development. 

When I decided to move into alternative wellness and coaching I completed hundreds of hours of various trainings resulting in over 15 certifications all around the area of cannabinoids, food, coaching, and wellness.

I am excited to work with you if you are ready to leave stress, anxiety and panic behind. I am confident I can help you just as I have helped others just like you.

JPotter Health

“Working with Jackie has been life changing, I know I can handle all that comes my way.”

JPotter Health

“Jackie taught me how to slow it all down and live in the now, not in the fear of what could be”

JPotter Health

“Thank you for showing me how to get out of my own way, I know I got this.”