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Jackie Potter of JPotter Health is Wellness Certified and Healer Certified. Jackie Potter is dedicated to helping others who may feel powerless in finding anxiety relief. 

Jackie Potter of JPotter Health is committed to helping struggling individuals find relief from anxiety. As an individual who has been personally challenged with life-long anxiety, she is deeply committed to using her experiences, her extensive education, and research to effectively help others, with compassion and empathy.

With a background in science, Jackie Potter has worked in an array of labs ranging from research (biological) to quality control in manufacturing to product development. Upon making a very personally driven decision to enter the world of alternative wellness and coaching, Jackie Potter completed hundreds of hours of training resulting in over fifteen certifications around the area of coaching, cannabinoids, nutrition, and overall wellness. 

Jackie Potter is dedicated. She is committed to helping others. Jackie Potter is motivated to work with others prepared to leave stress, anxiety, and panic behind and help individuals realize and live the life they desire. 

While this list is not exhaustive, Jackie Potter brings titles including Natural Wellness Practitioner from American Association of Natural Practitioners and Certified Holistic Nutrition Coach from Spencer Institute.

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“Working with Jackie has been life changing, I know I can handle all that comes my way.”

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“Jackie taught me how to slow it all down and live in the now, not in the fear of what could be”

snap 1 One Month Package with Jackie $247.00
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“Thank you for showing me how to get out of my own way, I know I got this.”

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