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  • Do you feel that sometimes you are overwhelmed by what feels like the weight of the world – one in which your own life feels smaller?
  • Do you feel powerless in finding a path to living the life you deserve and desire?
  • Does your anxiety, or the challenges with dealing with stress, feel as if it consumes or controls you?
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Proven programs from JPotter Health led by Jackie Potter, Wellness Certified and Healer Certified, have helped many individuals overcome challenges that come from anxiety and stress. These programs are designed and effective in changing the course in life, so you can experience a new and improved reality.

You can control your stress and anxiety, stop allowing it to control you. Programs from JPotter Health will provide you the tools.

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8 Weeks to End Anxiety

Allow JPotter Health to assist you in alleviating anxiety in 8 weeks using a combination of videos, meditations, and worksheets to learn new techniques. If you are ready to put in the work to end your anxiety, this course will arm you with the valuable tools you need to help achieve a better quality of life.

This 8 week program includes lifetime access to materials, and three one-to-one sessions with Jackie Potter of JPotter Health at weeks 1, 4 and 8 of the program. You'll also get unlimited group access to Jackie Potter, and private group are available. 

Jackie Potter is Wellness Certified and wholeheartedly dedicated to working with you and others prepared to leave stress, anxiety, and panic behind.

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21 Days to Meaningful Meditation

Are you new to meditation? Have you been told you should try it? Many have been told to do so, and for good reason. It's powerful.

Perhaps you've tried it but have not succeeded. Perhaps it's been challenging for you to remain focused and you let distractions interfere. Finding a way to effectively harness the power of meditation can lead to a better you.  A happier, more calm you.

This program from JPotter Health was developed with individuals like you in mind. Using guided meditations, Jackie Potter will take you on a short and daily journey to achieving meaningful meditation practice in as little as 21 days.

This course includes lifetime access to materials and a complimentary online session with Jackie Potter, Wellness Certified.

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Stop the Panic, 7 Ways

Are you challenged with anxiety in the form of panic attacks? This helpful tool provides tips for how to manage a panic attack in the moment. You are not alone, and in this download you find 7 effective techniques that can be used to interrupt an attack. Some techniques will require practice, while others, just knowing they exist, can be enough to help

Download and keep this valuable tool in a handy place so when you are faced with an oncoming panic attack, you are backed by methods to help you through.

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Looking Forward: New Programs Coming Soon

Calm for the New Mom: An Anti-Anxiety Program for New Moms

Advanced Meditation for the "Not so" Novice


"Jackie's patient, asks all the right questions and gives me solutions tailored to my specific needs. I am grateful for her - she's made my days better


-Jennifer (longtime anxiety sufferer)

Take the first step to improving your quality life today. If you wait another year, you will be right where you are, just another year older.

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