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All of our classes and offerings are geared to teaching you how to feel better and live the life you truly desire.

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Are You Ready to Live the Life You Desire

  • Is your world getting smaller?
  • Are you ready to have the life you want?
  • My proven program has helped others just like you!
  • Are you ready to make your life a reality
  • You can control your stress and anxiety, instead of       anxiety controlling you

There are lots of Classes to Start Where You Are

 Want to end your anxiety? Ready to learn meditation? Want to try a mini class?

JPotter Health can help you feel your best!!


These meditations will help you stay more present

Powerful Words

Learn the life changing power of affirmations

End Anxiety

Learn to live the life you desire

8 Week Course to End Anxiety


"Jackie's patient, asks all the right questions and gives me solutions tailored to my specific needs. I am grateful for her - she's made my days better


-Jennifer (longtime anxiety sufferer)

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There are so many wonderful wellness coaches out there, why choose me?

I am your person if: 

You are suffering from stress, fear, anxiety, &/or panic

You know you deserve the life you desire
You are ready to take control of you life You are tired of watching life go by 
You are tired of feeling this way You believe you are entitled to a happier life
You are ready to do the work to get there

I can you as I have helped others just like you

Stress and anxiety have exploded in these last few years, we get through one world drama only to find three more around the corner waiting for us. Seeing an exponential rise in anxiety and stress is not surprising.. It is also not surprising that there are now tons of people out there helping us deal with stress and anxiety. Why would you want to pay your hard earned money to work with me?

Here are a few reasons:

  1. I am an anxiety sufferer myself, I was diagnosed with panic disorder about 10 years ago.
  2. I have a child who also suffers from general anxiety disorder. These two points alone make me a perfect choice when you need to talk with someone who not only knows first hand what it feels like to live with anxiety. I also know what it's like to watch my child struggle with anxiety and  panic.. This allows me to help with an empathy that many don't have.
  3. I also come to you with a science background in research and lab work, I hold 11 certifications around coaching, wellness help, ECS, nutrition and functional health. 
  4. I have been in your shoes, helped others walk your mile, and I can help you too.

Who do I work with? If you agree with these statements, You are READY!

  • I am ready to live the life I desire, not the life my anxiety allows.
  • I want to learn how to control my destiny not my stress.
  • I choose to expand my life to it's fullest potential.
  • I am over living around anxiety and panic.

If you are ready to put in the time and energy, I want to show you the path to the life you deserve!