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I am Jackie Potter of JPotter Heath, Wellness Certified and Healer Certified and dedicated to helping others who feel they are powerless in finding relief from stressors, anxiety and even panic attacks.

You have landed here because it is likely that you have spent too long living with stress, fear, anxiety, or panic. Perhaps you’ve tried to tackle the angst alone - or other methods haven’t provided the relief you need and deserve.

Enroll in a JPotter Health Program and take a step toward living the life you desire. Live the life you deserve. If you wait another year, you will be right where you are, just another year older. I have the knowledge, the empathy, and the roadmap to help you find your way. Let me be the flashlight that guides you to a life lived without the feeling of stress and anxiety that you face today. If you are ready to work, I am here to give you the tools. 

Dedicate yourself to taking this step to start living the life you desire. Don’t go another day allowing anxiety, stress, fear, and panic that so negatively impacts your quality of life.

8 Weeks to End Anxiety Program

  • Effective tools to blast anxiety provided in a format that allows you to follow at your own pace
  • Access to quality techniques designed to calm your mind and your body
  • Valuable knowledge sharing and dedicated time from Wellness Certified and Healer Certified, Jackie Potter
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21 Days to Meaningful Meditation Program

  • Starter tools for beginning a journey to effective meditation
  • A path to quieting the mind and living with more intention for a better way to manage stress and anxiety
  • Daily exercises that can be forever referenced as often as needed 
  • A complementary online session with Jackie Potter of JPotter Health, Wellness Certified
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  • snap 1 One Month Package with Jackie $247.00

    “Working with Jackie has been life changing, I know I can handle all that comes my way.”

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    “Jackie taught me how to slow it all down and live in the now, not in the fear of what could be”

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  • aug 26 Quarterly Self Designed Program with Jackie

    Work with Jackie Potter one to one you decide what you want to accomplish and together we make it happen


    “Thank you for showing me how to get out of my own way, I know I got this.”

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Stop the Panic, 7 Ways

Are you challenged with anxiety in the form of panic attacks? This helpful tool provides tips for how to manage a panic attack in the moment. You are not alone, and in this download you find 7 effective techniques that can be used to interrupt an attack. Some techniques will require practice, while others, just knowing they exist, can be enough to help

Download and keep this valuable tool in a handy place so when you are faced with an oncoming panic attack, you are backed by methods to help you through.

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